When it comes to business start-ups, it can be a gruelling experience to become successful. Fortunately, the MTN Business App of the Year awards make it easier for some apps and businesses to be in the spotlight. Recently, it was announced that a TuksNovation start-up, AtCampus, was named a finalist for MTN Business App of the Year for 2018.

AtCampus enables students to list and sell items such as textbooks and electronics easily and hassle-free amongst one-other. It is very much a Gumtree equivalent catered towards students. The idea is sound, and it seems that the folks over at MTN think so as well.

AtCampus appears to be a good platform, one that also offers one-click access to unlimited deals and opportunities for thing like accommodation, student part-time jobs, and internships. Buying and selling textbooks, stationary, electronics, gadgets, and homeware is a natural side effect of the service.

The start-up was funded and aided with the help of TuksNovation, a business incubator and accelerator founded by the University of Pretoria. It was created in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Department of Small Business through its Small Enterprise Development Agency. TuksNovation seeks out and provides business incubation and product development services to commercialise technology into sustainable enterprises. The goal is to have a positive social and economic impact in South Africa.

TuksNovation supports students from the University of Pretoria, academic staff, and alumni. It is a platform that takes pride in lowering the risk of the technology development and commercialisation stages for both the innovators, as well as investors. They offer mentorship and “bespoke training by leading industry and academic experts to product prototyping facilities”.

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