When it comes to multi-platform releases, indie games absolutely need to take advantage of every opportunity they get. As such, Hanako: Honor & Blade has joined Brightlocker to expand their community and offer more rewards to players.

For those who may not know, Hanako: Honor & Blade is a Samurai/Ninja multiplayer game where players must battle to determine the fate of Japan. Players have the option to play as The Kenshi (Swordsman), Naginatashi (Pikeman), Ninja (Assassin), or Ite (Archer). Each character has its own unique art style, gameplay, movement, and weaponry. In the game, players must master combat through the discovery of different attacks, abilities and combos. The combat system also features multiple offensive stances, which are driven by movement, defence, and special abilities.

The BrightLocker deal is put in place, so the already established Hanako community can reap the benefits of its continued support. Development lead, Matthew Canei, states that the team is excited to offer everyone great rewards. They are also pleased to offer opportunities for the community to get to know the team behind Hanako, MPact Games.

MPact also wants its current and future players to know that 2018 will be a year whereby additional focus will be placed on the game. The biggest goal is to get the game on console.

The BrightLocker deal is not just for current fans, however. If you are interested in picking it up, BrightLocker has a deal where you can buy the game for $7 USD (~R80 ZAR); or get a 4-pack bundle for you and three friends for just $28 USD (R300).

Anyone who gets the game will be able to take advantage of its “immersive 12v12” multiplayer campaign that spans Japan in the pursuit of peace and honour; or in the quest to bring chaos and death in the different game modes.

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