Hands-up if you can relate to late nights binging a new series on Netflix, or starting university assignments the night before they are due. Naturally, these late nights are where coffee becomes your best friend (or tea, for when you need a break from the coffee shakes). The health benefits of both drinks are quite well known, but what other uses do these delicious escapes from reality offer? This is exactly what Express Vending sought to find out with a large infographic that details everything that coffee and tea may be used for – other than drinking and enjoying, of course.

Not only does your daily cup of ‘positivi-tea’ prepare you for the day ahead, it can also  be used in the house, the kitchen, for your body externally, in the garden, and for the craft days with your kids or your younger siblings.

Before you begin to shake from anxiousness at the thought of wasting your precious coffee beans or cans of T2 that you recently purchased, I must note that these methods are useful only after you have brewed your delicious morning blend or are about to throw your tea bag away. So in actual fact your *cough* addiction *cough* could be considered useful on the road towards recycling more. That and helping you achieve those ‘pinterest’ worthy Do It Yourself art projects.

Without further a do, here are 30 alternatives uses for coffee and tea, some of which are truly inspired.

Which of these alternative uses for coffee and tea are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

[Sources: Express Vending]

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