Every gamer has been to at least one LAN in his/her lifetime. A moment in time when PC gamers cart all of their worldly gaming possessions to one massive geek orgy of ethernet cables, Monster Energy drinks and the smell of Axe deodorant. Anyone who has participated in a LAN will tell you how difficult it can be to carry everything you need to the event. This is where Targus and SteelSeries come in with the brand new Sniper Gaming Backpack.


Anyone familiar with PC gaming will be aware of both SteelSeries and Targus. The former is one of the fastest growing PC gaming headset brands in the United States, whereas the latter is a leader in creating laptop bags and accessories. Given this heritage, it certainly seems as if the Sniper Gaming Backpack might have what it takes to, at the very least, ease the pain of carting your gaming stuff around.

According to Targus and SteelSeries, the Sniper Gaming Backpack is designed to carry and protect an assortment of equipment for “enthusiastic gamers”. With this in mind, the backpack has a variety of features and ample storage for gaming accessories. Have more than one headset? No problem, the bag can fit two. What happens if it rains? All good, the exterior is made of water and weather resistant materials. What if there is mist or I need to hitchhike? Good news, the bag has an integrated reflective rain cover to increase visibility and to keep your precious kit safe. What about drops and bumps? All sorted, as the bag has “robust padding” in the main ‘laptop’ compartment as well as a “SafePort Sling Protection system” that suspends your gaming device and keeps your tech protected. The bag also features scratch-proof interiors, to make sure your equipment is both secure and looks as good as the day you bought it.

SteelSeries and Targus have also designed the backpack to be versatile – making it a good option for both PC and console gamers. As such, it includes detachable compartments and dedicated places for storage, including:

  • The main compartment, which can safely hold a large mousemat, mouse, keyboard and games controller
  • Laptop compartment with a SafePort Sling Protection system that suspends your laptop and keeps your tech protected
  • Storage for up-to two headsets
  • Hidden water bottle storage
  • Secret pouch for personal belongings or smaller valuables
  • Two Detachable Pouches – one small and one dedicated for cables and a headset

The Sniper Gaming Backpack certainly seems like a great option for gamers on the go. For those who are interested, the backpack will set you back a cool R2 499 from select retailers.

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