When you look for something on YouTube, your search often begins with something simple and ordinary, like a music video. Then, before you know it, three hours have passed and you find yourself watching a video that teaches you how to communicate with giraffes. This is how I came across this creative and funky app called NailSnaps.

Quite simply, NailSnaps is an application that allows you to create your own custom made nail sticker wraps by using your very own pictures. No cutting, no mess, no fuss. And your nails look amazing!

NailSnaps was created by Sarah Heering and Angel Anderson, two friends who had a desire for funky, lasting nail art without the long wait for nail polish to dry.  They also wanted to make the process easy, by reducing the struggle that comes out of trying to cutout tiny nail pattern to use. All girls know of the frustration that comes with nail art, one that often results in us ladies just ‘giving up’ after we have inadvertently stuck hundreds of little stickers all over our faces, arms and every piece of furniture that we own. The struggle is real.

Using the app is simple. All you need to do is download the app and create a profile. Then you have the option to take a photo, choose one from your photo library on your phone or import one from your social media (check out the examples I made below). Once you have selected a picture, the app allows you to choose any part of the picture to place on the nail to create your own unique pattern. Once you have created your personalised design, you can save it for later or buy it straight away. It is that simple!

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As my fellow South Africans can agree, shipping anything to our country feels like it costs $500 and your soul. Thankfully, NailSnaps offers free shipping in the United States of America and, best of all, charges a flat-rate fee of only $5.50 (about R85) for all international shipments. Now everyone can have fancy nails that are on-fleek!

I really adore this idea because it takes all of the difficulty out of doing your own nails. It also means you do not need to own or buy expensive manicure accessories or visit a manicure bar for costly custom designs.

If you have any interesting NailSnap ideas, please share them below or tweet me (@DionaHaupt).

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