We really do enjoy celebrating Thorsday here at Vamers. Whether it is admiring the mighty Asgardian’s illustrious Mjölnir or watching him lose his cool with Miley Cyrus, there is always a new way to bring light to our favourite day of the week.

For this Thorsday we have a wonderful work of art titled ‘The Mighty Thor’ by artist Steve Paul Myers. The simple image features a hand drawn Thor seemingly ready for battle, encased in a black circle and overlaid on a blue background. The words ‘Happy Thorsday’ have been added and are not a part of the original work.

Vamers - Artistry - The Mighty Thor - Happy Thorsday - Full

Myers work is available for purchase on his Society6 page and is available as a standard canvas print or as a print on iPhone and iPad cases, handbags, pillows and shirts.

[Source: Steve Paul Myers]

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