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A few weeks ago M-Net Movies embarked on a campaign that leveraged the power of social media to bring superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, respectively.

The M-Net Movies campaign asked the South African Twitter community a simple question: “what could a superhero do in your city in order to brighten your day”?

There were some interesting requests that ranged from Batman cooling down cyclists and Spider-Man swinging around the Moses Mabhida Stadium all the way to my personal favourite, because it was my suggestion, getting The Hulk to visit a children’s village.

The great video compilation below showcases how the ‘Superheroes Rocked Up’ in each of the cities and how they brightened the day’s of many unsuspecting South Africans.

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Kudos to M-Net Movies for running a truly unique and successful campaign that helped bring joy to many people, especially children, across South Africa.

If you were not lucky enough to spot a superhero in your city, fear not because M-Net Movies is bringing them to your home with a superhero themed movie every night at 19:00 for the entire month of October on M-Net Movies Showcase (channel 108 on Dstv).

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