Hot off the heals of Samsung’s latest “It doesn’t take a genius” print campaign, which made many iPhone fans hot under the collar, comes a new television advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung clearly have Apple firmly in their crosshairs as the new Galaxy S III televised advertisement showcases a group of people infamously waiting in line for “The Next Big Thing” from Cupertino whilst talking satirically about the iPhone 5‘s new features, or lack thereof.

Although the iPhone 5 is never mentioned by name, it is clearly the device being ridiculed through choice quotes such as “the connector is all digital”, “the headphone jack is on the bottom”, “heard you have to have an adapter to use the dock on the new one” and “they make the coolest adapters”.

The advertisement reaches its pivoting point when one of the Apple ‘faithful’ queries the person infront of him as to why he is waiting in line with Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Check out the full advertisement below.

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