South Africa’s rAge is back for another year, and this time the organisers hope to encourage even more gamers to attend the NAG BYOC LAN 2023, which has received some much needed improvements. Part of the overhaul includes a competition whereby one one lucky gamer will get a full refund on their BYOC LAN ticket purchase, as the event celebrates “#21yearsofawesome”.

The changes and additions to the NAG BYOC LAN 2023 are as follows:

More Space, More Fun:

For 2023, rAge and the BYOC LAN will occupy three massive halls, giving gamers plenty of space to explore, socialise, and enjoy the gaming extravaganza. Much better than the single level incarnation of the past.

Awesome Deals:

Not really new, but the organisers have shared how their generous sponsors have allowed them to cut down the ticket prices, giving gamers more “bang for their buck”. Lower prices are always a win for consumers, and means even more casual gamers or hardcore fans can enjoy the event.

Delicious Food:

One of the biggest issues at previous rAge events has always been access to food for gamers attending the LAN. To help make life a little easier for the NAG BYOC LAN 2023, this time around there will be a LAN-only restaurant with, according to the organisers, “a mouth-watering menu that caters to all tastes”. Whether this works out for the better, remains to be seen, but at least seasoned gamers can look forward to staples like mini doughnuts, through to healthier options via salads, as well as burgers, wraps, sodas and even smoothies.

Epic Contests:

Like every year, there will be all sorts of competitions and contests for attendees. Especially for those ready and willing to show off their skills. However, the NAG BYOC LAN 2023 will now also have its own area for competitions, where gamers can challenge other gamers in various games and genres. All gamers need to do is find a contest matching their style and level, and hope to be crowned champion.

Safe and Secure:

The well-being of all guests, and especially those bringing along their own (often very expensive) computers, is security and safety. The organisers of the NAG BYOC LAN 2023 have ensured the LAN area will be protected by reliable security measures. So gamers should, theoretically, be able to play in peace and comfort, knowing their equipment and belongings will remain, within reasons, safe at all times.

Customise Your Gear:

Gamers like to RGB all the things. The organisers of the NAG BYOC LAN 2023 know this, which is why they have partnered with ‘Clear Access’ for unique personalised merchandise. In this sense, games can choose from different designs, colours, and sizes, and have their name or gamertag printed on whatever they order. To participate, gamers will need to order directly via the Howler website (editors note: I did check, but was unable to see the tickets listed. This might only become available later).

BYOC Ticket Benefits:

  • Comfy chair? Check.
  • Shared table for team play? Check.
  • Dual plug outlets for your rig? Check.
  • Super-fast Internet? Check.
  • Free access to rApe Expo for all three days? Check.
  • All gamers need to bring is their gaming gear, and be ready to rock!

Ticket Details:

  • BYOC LAN General Pass (R950 per player): Enjoy three days of non-stop gaming fun, from Friday 8 December 2023 at 07h00 to Sunday 10 December 2023 at 15h00.
  • BYOC LAN Super Pass (R1,250 per player): Extend your gaming adventure to four days, starting Thursday 7 December 2023 at 18h00 until Sunday 10 December 2023 at 15h00.
  • Get tickets now from Howler.

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