Melon Mobile (Melon), a new player in the mobile industry, has launched South Africa’s first fully digital MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). The company aims to disrupt the mobile industry, particularly in the pre-paid segment, by putting control and flexibility back into the hands of consumers.

“Melon is set to change how South Africans do mobile,” says the founder and CEO of Melon Mobile, Calvin Collett, “We’ve built a service that puts the consumer first, giving them the freedom to choose their monthly data, voice and texts needs, without locking them into anything. It’s about flexibility, value and perhaps most importantly, simplicity.”

Melon offers a fully customisable mobile subscription service, featuring:

  • Build Your Own Plan (monthly) or select a plan that works best for you.
  • Order a SIM and have it delivered to your door.
  • Move to Melon and Port Your Number on the same day.
  • 3-Step Process to Self-RICA on the App
  • Try Before You Buy Plan, including 1GB Data, 100 Voice Minutes and 100 Texts, for free.
  • Data, Voice and Texts that never expire as long as the user has a fully paid and valid data subscription in place.

Everything is done through the App. No stores, no queues, no frustrations. South Africans can literally ‘go their own way’ with their monthly mobile plan. From its inception, Melon Mobile has understood the role of digital to improve the human experience. At its heart, Melon is a digital platform that puts humans first.

“We took a critical look at the mobile industry and painstakingly found solutions to everything we didn’t like about it. We nitpicked every detail, finessed the user interface (UI), and redesigned the user experience (UX), until we got it just right. We didn’t digitize just for the sake of being digital. We put everything together to build a better experience for the consumer” adds Collett.

Melon is backed by the MTN network, for uninterrupted mobile coverage for users, no matter where they live or work. This partnership will help Melon Mobile to deliver on the promise of mobile freedom to all its customers.

“We are pleased to welcome Melon Mobile to MTN, the ‘Network of Networks’ and the ‘Carrier of Carriers’,” says Quintus de Beer, MTN SA Executive Wholesale and Carrier Services. “We are encouraged by the development of the MVNO sector as it enhances competition while stimulating innovation and growth. MTN will continue to be a leading player in nurturing and expanding this sector in future.”

Melon Mobile is now available in South Africa. For more information, visit the Melon Mobile website at or download the Melon Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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