Logos are the most important identifying aspects of brands. They are what the public sees every time someone talks about a brand they love, or when someone sees their goods being transported on the highway. This is why many companies put a lot of effort into the design of their logos, and why iconic logos from renowned brands remain largely unchanged.

This fascinating topic has been explored a million times over, and will be for a million more to come. The main reason for this is largely because people really like to search for hidden meanings in pictures, iconic logos notwithstanding.

Recently, international printing company UPrinting managed to design a neat little vertical banner containing 50 of the world’s most iconic logos. Whether the symbolism in the logos featured in their image stems from Egypt, or whether it contains a quick little reference to what the company is all about, figuring out the true meaning behind iconic logos is always fun and interesting.

Source UPrinting

It goes without saying that a lot of thought goes into the design of a logo. I think it is fairly obvious how the iconic logos above have the legendary symbolism they do. Toyota, for instance, has its entire logo steeped in the actual spelling of the company. Every circle and bend featured in the logo spells out another letter in the company name. Hyundai, on the other hand, has its only letter actually mimic the shape it makes when two people greet one-another. I also particularly like how the Amazon logo not only creates a little smiley face with the arrow, but also symbolises how the company offers everything “from a to z”.

Smart identifying features in brand logos are intriguing to find, and can never be unseen. While the 50 iconic logos above are awesome, we are keen to know what other logos out there hide secret meanings. Do you know of any? Let us know!

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