With Valentines Day squarely behind us and with Halloween (yes, I know it is way off, but humour me) right around the corner, we are getting a weird mish-mash dating simulator the combines the two: Monster Prom!

The game comes from the wonderful and creative minds of Those Awesome Guys, Beautiful Glitch and the weird yet lovable YouTuber, Jesse Cox. It is, without a doubt, a simulation game that I did not see coming.

Monster Prom is primarily a multiplayer game. As such, it can be played locally or online with up to four players. It does allow you to go at it alone, but I suppose that kind of defeats the point. You see, the main premise of the game is about seeing who can woo the same six classmates — which are also monster-people — better!

Just like any ol’ dating sim, you can pursue whoever you want. However, your ability to schmooze certain classmates is squarely based on a pre-game personality quiz. The quiz results then determine the personality of the character you are going to play. Thereafter, you will have to do everything that “normal teenagers” do, apparently. This includes taking selfies, using dating apps, going to raves, sending emojis, and even sending picks of your d-… uh… “junk”. Yes, this game takes the term “send nudes pls” to a whole new level.

Gosh. When I was a teenager, my little feature phone could not even focus that well! To take photos of my face, of course.

The game has a variety of activities to complete between you and your friends. It also features a mix between board game and visual novel gameplay mechanics, as players compete to win over their favourite monster prom date. Monster Prom also brings writing to the forefront — it is meant as a comedic approach to an otherwise very serious genre… or at least, as serious as you can get after Hatoful Boyfriend (2011) and its weird pigeon dating bits.

Monster Prom is heading to PC, MacOS, and Linux on 27 April 2018.

PS: This is my official, written suggestion to our dear editor Hans that I want this to be a thing on one of our Vamers Live sessions [Editors note: Can confirm, will happen ~ Hans].

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