In a bid to support local independent producers, DISCOP Johannesburg has announced a new partnership with Sky Rink Studios, a “one-stop shop with channel hosting”.

With a huge increase in interest in African created and produced content, more and more independent producers are looking to do co-productions in South Africa. This demand results in a big need for sets, crews, production offices, and fully equipped and soundproofed studios. Sky Rink Studios aims to be the go-to facilities for all DISCOP-related productions going forward. As such, a large part of the partnership will have DISCOP promote Sky Rink facilities via tours and showcases.

The partnership is a great opportunity for both companies to showcase their strengths. Based in the centre of Johannesburg, Frank Mahopi, executive chairman of Sky Rink, says the centralised location of both Sky Rink Studios and Downtown Music Studios presents “an immediate and effective solution for producers on the continent” who are looking for production facilities with high-tech needs.

Together with Frank Mahopi, Patrick Zuchowicki of DISCOP also stressed the importance of a facility such as Sky Rink Studios in regards to the growth of the African content industry. He continued to affirm DISCOP’s commitment to supporting the growth of content made in Africa. He added that “producers need facilities that understand and support them”, and that DISCOP feels that Sky Rink Studios is exactly the kind of facility. The valuable information shared among the companies will go a long way to improve the lives of hundreds of producers from across Africa. Most producers of whom will be attending this year’s DISCOP event.

The 2017 DISCOP Johannesburg event starts on 25 October and runs daily through to Friday 27 October. It will be an event filled with local productions and will host over 300 African producers who have an opportunity to benefit from the resources available at Sky Rink Studios.

DISCOP, which was founded in 1991, has been helping various markets across the globe build relationships with content producers, sellers, and buyers to pitch projects and make deals in Africa and the Middle East.

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