Early adopters, rejoice! If you are the kind of person who has already invested heavily in USB Type-C, then I have some good news for you. Almost everything you have connected to your USB Type-C cables will pretty much double their data through-put as soon as USB 3.2 hits the public space.

The USB Promoter Group has announced that the next version of USB, which is USB 3.2, will increase data throughput aby an additional 100%. That is astonishing, considering all first generation USB 3.1 cables run at 5Gbps, while second generation cables max out at 10Gbps. As such, all qualifying cables from both generations will increase their speeds to 10Gbps and 20Gbps, respectively.

“This is amazing” I can hear you scream, “now my devices will sync twice as fast”! Hold on just a second. While it is true that all existing USB Type-C cables will effectively increase in speed, you still need a device that features the updated USB Type-C ports in order to take advantage of it.

According to USB Promoter Group chairman, Brad Saunders, the USB Promoter Group has always intended for USB Type-C cables to support higher speeds as newer generations of USB 3.0 are developed. According to him, that is exactly what USB 3.2 delivers: “the next level of performance”.

USB 3.2 is only expected to be finalised in September, 2017. As such, techies still have quite a while to wait to even start seeing devices that support the new specification and those glorious ‘Thunderbolt’ like speeds.

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