There is no denying that Valve Corporation’s extremely popular Steam digital distribution platform is the de facto gaming ecosystem for PC enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2003, the service has grown exponentially across the world courtesy of its ease of use, large library of titles and generous sale’s events. These factors have allowed gamers to amass large libraries of digitally owned games in relatively short periods of time. So much so, that many may not realise how much these ‘digital’ purchases are worth or how much they have spent over the years. Today we offer an answer to the question of: how much is my Steam account worth?

There are a variety of ways to calculate the overall value of your Steam account online, but the one made available from the team at SteamDB is by far the most comprehensive and detailed currently available. SteamDB is a website that is dedicated to giving gamers more insight into the Steam database by means of utilising SteamKit to interface with the Steam network, and is run by two individuals who go by xPaw and Marlamin.

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The SteamDB Calculator gives gamers a highly informative and interesting look into their Steam accounts, and provides information that would otherwise not be available through the standard Steam client.

Some of the most interesting information comes in the form of how much your Steam account may be worth, whereby the calculator offers two main results: the total value of your library by Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and the actual amount spent on games with sales discount applied. In my case, my account is valued at R6466, but I have only actually spent R2603 in total.

The SteamDB Calculator also indicates the average price spent on games in your library (R202.06 in my case) as well as the average price per hour of gameplay [as you can see I do not spend much time playing the games in my Steam library, partly because I am a Mac user, so my hourly rate is quite high at R163.20]. The more you play, the lower this figure will be.

Other than the cost of your account, it also offers some pretty cool information like how many hours you have played, the average playtime per game and how many games you have not played (mine is sitting at a ridiculous 48% of my library, but I blame Steam’s sales for this).

The SteamDB Calculator is currently the easiest (just type in your Steam ID/gamertag and you are good to go) and most comprehensive way to analyse your Steam account online. For those of you who try the service, please be sure to share your account stats with us below, especially with your answer to how much is my Steam account worth?

[It is worth noting that any site, other than Steam, that asks for your account username and password should be avoided]

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