According to Marvel mythology Mjölnir, better known as Thor’s Hammer’was forged inside of a dying star and may only be wielded by those who are deemed ‘worthy’ by the hammer’s magic.

An interesting and long standing question is: if you were not worthy, how heavy would Thor’s Hammer be?

Courtesy of the brilliant minds behind the Vsauce channels on YouTube, channels that are firm favourites at Vamers, an answer to the above question has been hypothesised.

The Vsauce3 video embedded below goes into spectacular ‘real world’ scientific detail about what Mjölnir would be like if it actually existed.

From weighing more than 9.7 million Titanic’s and containing more explosive power than 1.3 million Tsar bombs (the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated on earth), Thor’s Hammer is a frighteningly powerful weapon – one that makes the Norse god of thunder one of the most powerful superheroes on Earth.

Happy Thorsday!


[Source: Vsauce3]

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