Mario’s quest to save the elusive Princess Peach from the dastardly clutches of Bowser is a video game tale made famous by Nintendo of Japan.

The premise of Mario Brothers sees the small Italian plumber travel from ‘world to world’ in the Mushroom Kingdom, battling Goombas, eating mushrooms, collecting coins and defeating Koopas, in order to rescue Princess Peach Toadstool.

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Armed with nothing but his plumber’s cap, Mario uses his dexterity and coordination to defeat Bowser’s henchmen. As Mario progresses through the Mushroom Kingdom, however, he is often confronted by a Toad that declares that the Princess is in another castle, and it is not until the end of the game that the princess can be saved. As a result, completing levels in Super Mario Brothers can be a rather frustrating and disappointing experience.

Dorkly uses the frustration garnered from continuously ‘missing’ the Princess and showcases what would happen if Mario simply snapped. The result is a humorous 8-bit video that shows Mario going stark raving mad and pretty much adopting a Grand Theft Auto kind of play style – blood and gore included.


[Source: Dorkly]

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