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Not too long ago the word ‘geek’ was considered taboo by people ingrained in popular culture and was often used in a derogatory manner.  Over time, however, the ‘geek’ monicker has evolved to encompass much more than just an obsession with ‘technology’ and the ‘Internet’.

As a result of the proliferation of the term in popular culture, the origins and original meaning of the ‘geek’ descriptor have fallen away, causing many to ponder the question “what does it mean to be a ‘geek'”?

The minds at Flowtown have compiled an interesting and highly informative infographic that hopes to answer that very question. ‘The Evolution of the Geek‘ infographic details the origins of the term as well as how it has evolved over time.

Looking at the infographic I believe I fit into the ‘geek chic’ branch of the evolutionary chain. Where do you think you fit in?

Vamers - FYI - Infographic - The Evolution of the Geek

[Source: Flowtown]

Owner, founder and editor-in-chief at Vamers, Hans has a vested interest in geek culture and the interactive entertainment industry. With a Masters degree in Communications and Ludology, he is well read and versed in matters relating to video games and communication media, among many other topics of interest.