Below you will find a photograph of a gentleman by the name of Chad Roberts. Chad is, for all accounts, a normal guy with one exception: he has a super beard.

Vamers - Ermagherd - An Amazing Spider-Man Beard by Chad Roberts - Full

The Amazing Spider-Man beard from above recently allowed Chad to earn top honours at the 2nd Annual Garden State Beard And ‘Stache Competition – yes, it is a real event which is run by the The Garden State Beard & Mustache Society (a legitimate society).

Chad adores his beard so much that he founded, and is currently Minister of Information, of the RVA Beard League; which aims to bring people together to be ‘good facial hair ambassadors’ in their respective communities.

Thankfully, no word if Chad’s ‘spider-sense’ reaches from his ‘drapes’ to his Mary Jane startling ‘carpet’. Either way, Ron Swanson would be proud.

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