The 9th of August is a special date in South Africa. It is a date that commemorates the strength and courage of over 50 000 women (real-life superheroes) who protested against the Apartheid era’s Urban Areas Act (commonly known as ‘pass laws’) in 1956. However, Women’s Day today  serves as more than just a reminder of a peaceful and impactful protest.

Since 1994, Women’s Day has been celebrated annually in South Africa and provides an opportunity for all South Africans, irrespective of gender, to remember and honour the immeasurable role played by legitimate ‘super women’ in sustaining and nurturing South Africa’s fledgeling democracy. It is also an opportunity for South Africans to reflect on the positive gains made and the present challenges that are still faced by women in our country.

Take some time during this public holiday to celebrate and honour the ‘super women’ in your life.

Vamers - Artistry - Super Women's Day 2013 - Wonder Woman's New Skirt Rule


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