Game of Thrones has become so intertwined in popular culture that there are an infinite number of ways to ingratiate your addiction to George R.R. Martin’s spectacular works. One of the most popular trends, however, is the constant reinvention of the Iron Throne.

Mario sitting on a Throne of Games, no doubt ruling over NESteros, is easily one of the best artistic interpretations of the Iron Throne that I have come across. This particular artistic incarnations of the Iron Throne was created by the very talented Deviant Artist known as ‘Jasinki’ and is a sublime work of fandom.

Vamers - Artistry - Mario's Throne of Games by Jasinki

Could you imagine a Mario Brothers styled Game of Thrones series whereby Bowser is Tywin Lannister, Luigi is John Snow, Mario is Bran Stark and Princess Peach is Margaery Tyrell ? I would totally watch it!

[Source: Jasinski]

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