In a recent post we looked at what it would be like if Tim Burton had to draw Marvel’s The Avengers. Today we take a glimpse into another fictional reality whereby Tim Burton is the artist behind the hugely popular Pokémon series. Welcome to Tim Burton Styled Pokémon!

In what is currently a growing series of art, Vaughn Pinpin is redrawing Nintendo’s cutesy Pocket Monsters as if they had been envisaged by Tim Burton. He is currently making his numerical way through the original, and best, 151 Pokémon from the first GameBoy game.

The result is nothing short of fantastic. Pinpin has applied Burton’s trademark ‘penchant for the strange’ to a series of work that captures the raw animalistic darkness of each Pokémon.

View a selection of Pinpin’s Tim Burton Styled Pokémon creations in the gallery below and visit the Hat Boy blog for the full collection.

[Sources: Vaughn Pinpin]

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