What if Tim Burton, the master of dark and whimsical fantasy, had to draw the characters from the world of Pokémon? How would he transform the cute and colourful creatures into his own twisted and quirky vision? This is the question inspiring a series of art by Vaughn Pinpin, who is the artist behind what can only be described as: Tim Burton Pokémon!

Pinpin started his project in 2012 and has been working on it ever since. He uses a simple monochromatic style allowing him to focus on the shape and form of the Pokémon rather than the colour. He also adds some touches of Burton’s signature motifs to make them more interesting and unique. Some of the drawings are faithful to the original designs of the Pokémon, while others are more creative and imaginative.

In what is currently a growing series of Tim Burton Pokémon art, Pinpin is currently making his numerical way through the original, and best, 151 Pokémon from the first GameBoy game. The results are nothing short of fantastic with Pinpin expertly applying Burton’s trademark ‘penchant for the strange’ to a series of work capturing the raw animalistic darkness of each Pokémon.

Tim Burton is known for his ability to express emotions and feelings through his drawings more than through words. So it’s great to see how well Pinpin is able to embrace Burton’s signature style and evocative tones of melancholy.

View a selection of Pinpin’s Tim Burton Pokémon creations in the gallery below and visit the Hat Boy blog for the full collection.

[Sources: Vaughn Pinpin]


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