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Owner, founder, editor and contributor at Vamers, Hans has a vested interest in geek culture and the interactive entertainment industry. With a Masters degree in Communications and Ludology, he is well read and versed in matters relating to video games and communication media, among many other topics of interest.

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Elon Musk contributes to Borderlands 3 weapons

Elon Musk's off-brand sense of humour caught the attention of Gearbox Software, who hope to use his musings for Borderlands 3 weapons.

Fan made Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reboot trailer is dark, gritty & sensational

Brilliant fan-made trailer for a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot features an entirely new, dramatic and coming-of-age take on the original sticom.

Pokémon TCG Detective Pikachu Cards are wonderfully photorealistic!

New Pokémon TCG Detective Pikachu cards arrive in April 2019, and they offer the best look at the photorealistic Pokemon that feature in the film.

YouTube Premium South Africa now available! Goodbye adverts!

YouTube Premium South Africa is now available. Go ad-free for only R72 a month for a single user, and up to R110 for a family plan (up to six people).

Anthem Review – Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant, but Buggy

Anthem is a game that requries patience and time to be fulfilling. Despite the games many flaws, it offers an addictive and enjoyable overall experience.

Win a Super Rare Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PS4 Pro [South Africa]

Megarom and Activision are giving South African gamers a chance to win an ultra rare Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PS4 Pro - one of only 40 in the world!

Xbox Games with Gold March 2019: Adventures, Zombies, Star Wars & Metal Gear

Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion, Plants vs Zombies 2, Star Wars Public Commando and MGS: Revengeance make up Xbox Games with Gold for March 2019.

Rare Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PlayStation 4 Pro is lustworthy

Game Mania is giving gamers a chance to win an ultra rare Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PlayStation 4 Pro if they pre-order the game.