Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means: gifts, gifts and more gifts! However, one does not need to look far with the new PrimaToys Showcase 2017 line up that is now available. Their new line caters for toddlers, girls, boys and adults (thats right!  Even adults get to have fun with toys).

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the PrimaToys Showcase 2017 event, where I had the privilege of being able to play with some of the year’s best up-coming toys. The event was nothing short of a child’s dream come true (and perhaps a parent’s worst nightmare) and I was allowed to play with it all. I tested each and every toy, from little monkeys that hold onto your finger to becoming some of Ben Ten’s famous aliens. To be honest, all the ingenious toys coming out make me wish I was a child again – minus the need to throw a tantrum on the shopping mall floor in order to own them, of course.

Although I got to play with a lot of toys, below are the ones that I feel were some of the best.

Toys for Toddlers 

For toddlers there were a few exciting options. One of the standout toys were he Peppa Pig figures, which are cute 2 – 3cm figures that come in a two-pack. Thing is, Peppa needs somewhere to play, so these sets are best completed with Peppa’s Home and Garden Playhouse. Both fantastic recreations of the show that has captured the attention of children around the world (some parents too).

Another set of toys for toddlers that everybody should know about are the Teletubbies; Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po. For 2017, they have come out with a great new look, sporting a cool LED ‘telly’ and a soothing lullaby that will do its best to put any toddler to sleep.

Leapfrog is also launching a brand new set of ‘interactive puppies’ as a part of their Sing and Snuggle line. I spotted two puppies at the PrimaToys Showcase 2017, named Scout and Violet. According to Leapfrog, these interactive puppies are designed to stimulate the minds of children with songs and fun educational games.

Toys marketed at Girls

For girls, there is the Shopkins Happy Place – this is the next add on to the collection and it includes all new Shopkins and characters. There are even Secret ‘limited addition’ Shopkins inside selected packages; so, like Pokémon, make sure you collect them all.

Baby Love is the first ever talking baby doll to have more than one South African language. There are three babies you can buy: Baby Bella speaks English and comes with 50 different phrases, Baby Tasha has 50 Afrikaans phrases and Baby Thando has 25 Zulu and 25 English phrases. These Baby Love dolls are one of Prima Toys‘ personal projects and I must say that they have done an amazing job making these dolls realistic, from the feel through to their voices.

Who says Superheroes are for boys only? Thankfully, the PrimaToys Showcase 2017 showcased some really great toys for girls who wish they could be super heroes too! The new line of DC Superhero Girls is really great and will let children dress up their favorite female super hero and put Batman and Superman to shame.

Toys marketed at Boys

For the boys, there are some all new Ben Ten toys that were part of the PrimaToys Showcase 2017 (Fun fact: Ben Ten is the longest running series on Cartoon Network at the moment). There are two all new Ben Ten watches – the deluxe version even comes with a working “LCD” panel. The best part is how these new toys match the cartoon almost perfectly – they really are pretty cool. The watches aside, children can also collect all of Ben Ten’s aliens or become them with cool Heat Blast and Diamond Head wearable pieces. Basically, something for everyone.

Another classic, Power Rangers is back with their new series ‘Ninja Steel’ that comes with new exciting figures. By collecting them all you can create the mega morph and help destroy the evil doers. The series will be coming out on Cartoon Network later this year.

For all the collectors out there, Bdurango has come out with new range of model cars. Their biggest new release is their Ferrari Brand with a wide range of models from the classics such as the Ferrari Dino and Enzo to the newer models like the LaFerrari.

Toys for ‘Parents’

Now for the moment you have been waiting for: what is in it for you? The best (and definitely my favorite) is a toy that was made in the 1970s. One that can stretch up to five times his normal length. Do you know who he is? Yes, Stretch Armstrong is back and stretchier than ever! The toy comes in three new forms: the classic Stretch Armstrong, an all new Octopus that is 8 times more fun (pun intended), and the dog known as Fetch Armstrong. I could not help myself at the PrimaToys Showcase 2017, I kept stretching poor Mr Armstrong… all night long! Stretch Armstrong is also great for children, just in case I did not make that clear.

Rubik’s has come out with a build it yourself Rubik’s cube! “Build it yourself, you say” –  Yes, this one is for me as well as all of those people who could never complete one without pulling off the stickers. With this new version of the popular cube, you can now pull out the tiles and finally finish the cube (thank you Rubik’s!). However, that is not all! The Rubik’s Tower also debuted at the PrimaToys Showcase 2017. It is an all new twist to the old cube in order to make it more challenging (as if it was not already difficult enough).

There were so many new toys and games announced at this years PrimaToys Showcase 2017 event. With that said, I feel that the one featured above are the best ones of the lot. The kinds of toys that will be sure to excite at Christmas time.

When not in a game of Overwatch playing as a D.Va main, Taygan can be found creating new universes in Minecraft or losing himself in various Anime worlds. He is a natural techie at heart, and thoroughly enjoys building weird and wonderful contraptions - some ingenious, others that explode.