For nearly 20 years, fans of James Cameron’s excellent Titanic have debated whether or not Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) could have survived alongside his love, Rose (Kate Winslet).

The final scene of Titanic is infamous for exhibiting the same kind of tragedy of love made famous by William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, one in which Jack succumbs to the freezing cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean whilst Rose survives by remaining afloat on a wooden door from the shipwreck.

For many years, fans of the film have debated whether or not the wooden door could have supported both Jack and Rose. The popular Discovery channel program, Mythbusters, even went so far as to prove this hypothesis to be correct, as long as the couple used Rose’s life jacket to keep the makeshift “raft” afloat. Despite Mythbuster’s findings, the cast and crew of Titanic have always remained ‘mum’ on the topic. That is, until Kate Winslet’s recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

On the chat show with Jimmy Kimmel, Winslet finally broke the almost 20 year silence and said, “There was plenty of room on the raft”, agreeing with Kimmel that she let him freeze in the water, “I agree! I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door”.

Sorry Jack. Case closed.

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