Laina Morris became Internet famous after her YouTube response to a Justin Bieber competition went viral. Since that time Morris has become the quintessential stereotype for ‘clingy’ girlfriends.

Over the last month, basically since E3 2013, the Xbox One has been in the media and often portrayed in a negative light; which is a shame, really, since the console, its services and future games look great.

The following infographic from Kensington takes the media storm surrounding the Xbox One and humorously merges the past and current information about Microsoft’s next generation gaming system with the personality traits of Laina Morris’ infamous Internet personality.

The result is a tongue-in-cheek look at the Xbox One as the lonely gamers new ‘overly attached girlfriend’.

Vamers - Gaming - Xbox One as The Overly Attached Girlfriend

[Source: Kensington]

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