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Owner, founder, editor and contributor at Vamers, Hans has a vested interest in geek culture and the interactive entertainment industry. With a Masters degree in Communications and Ludology, he is well read and versed in matters relating to video games and communication media, among many other topics of interest.

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‘Come as You Are’ for the ‘Choice is Yours’ in Quantum Break’s Cinematic Trailer

'Come as You Are' for the 'Choice is Yours' in the new cinematic trailer for the time-bending third-person shooter Quantum Break. Releasing for Xbox One on 5th April 2016.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Second Trailer Blows Minds

The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War (2016) has finally landed and it includes excellent surprises for fans.

Ori and the Blind Forest Gets a Definitive Edition

One of 2015's surprise hits, Ori and the Blind Forest, gets a slight makeover in the form of a Definitive Edition for Xbox One.

Blizzard Confirms Overwatch Release Date and Open Beta

Overwatch, the team-arena based first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, now has a firm release date as well as an open beta.

Special Edition Hot Toys Batman and Superman Set Available at Vamers Store

Special and Limited Edition Hot Toys Batman and Superman collectibles, with unique accessories, are now available for purchase at Vamers Store.

Cape Town’s Electronic Gaming Expo (EGE) is back!

Good news! EGE 2016 is official and coming back to the Mother City! The organisers have promised that it will be even bigger and better than last year.

Axe or gun for the Zombie Apocalypse? Mythbusters has an answer.

What weapon is best when it is time to "rain down on brain town"?

Deadpool Post-Credits Scene Explained (Who is Cable?)

New Rockstars have done a fantastic job of explaining the Deadpool Post-Credits Scene and why Cable is perfect for Deadpool 2.