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From Superman to Ironman; Bill Rizer to Sam Fisher and everything in-between, Edward loves it all. He is a Bachelor of Arts student and English Major specialising in Language and Literature. He is an avid writer and casual social networker with a flare for all things tech related.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones DLC expands Tamriel’s mythology

Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones unleashes a deadly skeletal dragon and an evil and maniacal dragon priest on Tamriel. Arrives with free update 17.

For Honor player base reaches new heights on game’s anniversary

Ubisoft's medieval player versus player melee title, For Honor, has reached a new milestone 7.5 million players, of which at least 1 million are concurrent.

Monster Hunter World is a JRPG lover’s wet dream [REVIEW]

Monster Hunter World is Capcom's big push to get the franchise into a mainstream western market... and it did it spectacularly well.

Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend is now live (15 – 20 February 2018)

Ubisoft has announced another Rainbow Six: Siege free weekend. This time, it comes along with a 30% discount code for the team-based shooter.

Final Metal Gear Survive beta is now live! Includes PC!

The Metal Gear Survive beta for PC and Consoles is now live. It is the last chance players will get to test the game before release.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Update improves Nemesis System and more

Released alongside the Blade of Galadriel Story Expansion, a Middle-earth: Shadow of War update is here to improve on the Nemesis System and Photo Mode.

Gravel Season Pass & DLC detailed, includes freemium/premium content

Milestone has announced the Gravel Season Pass contents. It includes 5 premium content packs that will release along 2 freemium content packs.

Blade of Galadriel expansion adds to Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s story

The Blade of Galadriel story expansion puts you in the shoes of the deadliest elven assassin known to Middle-earth: Eltariel.