• The Screen Team!

    By on 27 August, 2012

    Everyone enjoys a good parody. This is a motif that comedic duo Angie Griffin and Chad Nikolaus took to...

  • Video Game Planets

    By on 13 April, 2012

    The design of the landscapes and visual art styles of the world's in which video games take place are...

  • Gaming inspired… Birdhouse?!

    By on 5 March, 2012

    In light of the up and coming Limited Edition Star Wars Themed Xbox 360 console and Kinect: Star Wars, both of...

  • 21st Century 8-Bit Goodness

    By on 5 October, 2011

    The 8-bit video games era is when video gaming started to go mainstream. In a way the 8-bit era...