Google Photos Advert Pokes Fun at Devices with Low-Storage

Google Photos Advert Pokes Fun at Devices with Low-Storage

iPhone owners know that Apple’s devices do not have the option of additional physical storage via SD Cards etc. Despite this, Apple still offers devices with 16 GB of storage, a measly figure given today’s High Definition pictures and videos. As such, many iPhone customers usually opt for the more expensive mid (32 Gb – 64 GB) or high-cost (128 GB) storage variants. However, given the cost of the devices, many people still enter the market with a 16 GB iDevice. Those who do know all to well the woes of “low storage space”.

One would think that Apple’s iCloud offering, would be a decent compromise. Sadly, it really is not and Google has taken notice. Enter Google and Google Photos.

With an unlimited storage option (for 16-Megapixel or smaller photos) and a very generous 15 GB free option for bigger photos, it really is a no-brainer. As a long-time 16 GB iPhone owner, one must adapt to the art of cloud storage. For instance, I personally have Dropbox, Google Photos, and iCloud setup in order to maximise my 16 GB of storage.

With a happy-go-lucky ad, Google has effectively highlighted every single PG-13 scenario where full storage could not have worse timing. The video scrolls though all of the differing scenarios to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody… and is it brilliant.

The advert also introduces a brand new feature for Google Photos called Free Up. This deletes all photos stored locally on the device that have already been uploaded onto the Google servers; freeing up space for more photos. Thanks Google.

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