Magic At Your Fingertips with these Harry Potter Inspired Deathly Hallows Rings

Magic At Your Fingertips with these Harry Potter Inspired Deathly Hallows Rings

Anyone who has read the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling will understand the disappointment of not receiving a letter from Hogwarts. The world Rowling created is so full of wonder, charm and magic, that it is impossible not to wish to experience the non-muggle world, Voldemort and all.

Putting aside a longing for an owl with an invitation to Hogwarts, the best us muggles can do is personalise our geek chic accessory list with gorgeous jewellery that has been inspired by Harry Potter. 

A perfect example is this magical and totally adorable set of three Deathly Hallows Rings from Vamers Store.

The rings are ‘midi rings’ in style (meant to be worn just before your middle knuckles) and have been designed to resemble the unmistakable sigil of the Deathly Hallows as well as Harry’s glasses and trademark lightning bolt scar. They really are extremely cool and, quite literally, put the magic of Harry Potter at your fingertips!

Each ring is cast from a zinc alloy and plated in a gorgeous gold, Stirling palladium (silver) and ominous pewter (black). The rings are sold as a set from Vamers Store, which is great because it means that you will always have a ring for practically every occasion and wardrobe choice.

“Where are my rings… Accio Deathly Hallows Rings… Yaaaaaaas”

These beautiful rings are currently in-stock and ready to ship for only $15 from Vamers Store. That price is for a set of three rings (black, silver and gold) and it includes free door-to-door courier shipping throughout South Africa (various international shipping rates apply for International orders).

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