Hot Toys Star Wars Shadow Trooper Collectible Epitomises the Dark Side

Hot Toys Star Wars Shadow Trooper Collectible Epitomises the Dark Side

The Stormtroopers from Star Wars are infamously known for never being able to hit a target, which is most likely why the Galactic Empire sought to replace them with the Shadow Trooper.

The Shadow Trooper is an elite unit that is part clone and part Jedi. They are able to wield lightsabers and can shoot with deadly accuracy. Although never having appeared in any of the Star Wars films, the Shadow Trooper is present within the greater canon of the Star Wars universe; making this figure from Hot Toys, the Hong Kong based premium collectible action figure manufacturing company, so unique and utterly desirable.

The Shadow Trooper figure is not only a limited edition figure, but it is also a ‘Hong Kong Toy Soul‘ exclusive collectible. What this means, is that this figure has been released in limited quantities worldwide is is most definitely a great collector’s item.

Unlike the traditional black and white Stormtrooper, the Shadow Trooper has a delectably dark armour with unique silver accents, which has been scuffed in just the right places to give the figure a wonderfully realistic look. It even has removable leather shoulder pads and, under the armour, features a cloth and spandex under suit.  Pictures do not do this figure justice as it looks absolutely incredible in person.

The Hot Toys Star Wars Shadow Trooper ‘Toy Soul Exclusive’ collectible is adorned with a variety of intricate details, like a utility belt, magnetised accessory pouch, additional hands and fists, a special black coloured blaster and unique figure stand.

The commercial photographs of the Hot Toys Star Wars Shadow Trooper look great, but the collectible figure looks so much better in person, and is a must have for any Star Wars fan (mine sits proudly next to this Iron Man).

The Hot Toys Star Wars Shadow Trooper ‘Toy Soul Exclusive’ is available now from Vamers Store for R4200 [free door-to-door courier delivery within South Africa included].

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