The Hot Toys Hulkbuster Collectible is a Massive Must-Have

The Hot Toys Hulkbuster Collectible is a Massive Must-Have

Hot Toysthe Hong Kong based premium collectible action figure manufacturing company, have released pricing information and pre-production images of the gargantuan Hulkbuster collectible from Marvel’s upcoming movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The one sixth scale movie accurate collectibles that Hot Toys is known for producing normally clock in at around 30 – 35cm in height. The Hulkbuster, however, trumps the standard by more than 20 cm, standing at a huge 55cm tall (over half a meter). The height of the figure may be impressive, but the detailing of the armour, from buffs and scratches through to the weathering present on nuts and bolts, is utterly fantastic. The detail is so intricate that, when photographed, the figure could be mistaken for its computer generated sibling from the film.

For a figure of this size, it is quite an achievement that Hot Toys have managed to give the Hulkbuster 30 points of articulation; making it perfect for recreating scenes from the movie. It also features 16 unique LEDs spread throughout the armour giving wonderful lighting elements to the arc reactors in the chest, arms and knees, as well as the repulsors in the hands and back, and the trademark light behind the eyes. The most standout part of the figure, however, is that the head can pop off to reveal a full one sixth scale bust of Tony Stark’s Iron Man Mark XLIII suitand it even has LED lit eyes and arc reactor. Seriously, just #SUATMM!

The Hot Toys Hulkbuster collectible is due for release in the first half of 2016 and can currently be purchased from Vamers Store for R9800 [free door-to-door courier delivery within South Africa included].

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